“1clickconnector” welcomes you to the new era of fasteners: a revolutionary tool with countless uses and applications!

The “1clickconnector”- series includes a wide range of innovative, patented quick-connectors, a result of a long research period and many product tests, as well.

This type of assembly has launched new safety, reliability and durability standards, changing radically the assembly and dismantling of various manufactured products such as beds, cabinets, and panels.

It can be quite useful to the furniture industry as well as to everyday consumers who can easily, quickly and without prior knowledge, handle it!

The “1clickconnector”-series is a valuable solution to both professionals and consumers because:

It can easily be used without the need of tools

It connects parts quickly with just "1 click"

It is made of hard plastic and nylon with long durability

It has safety-clips

It eliminates crackles