1 Click Bed Connector (15cm)

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The pioneering design of bed connector guarantees durability and strength when used to join parts of beds.

This tool is internationally patented (patent No: PCT / GR2013 / 00022) and has been certified by EBETAM (Greek center for laboratory testing and certification of industrial and consumer products, materials, installations and systems).

In addition–in collaboration with the Department of Planning, Wood Technology and Furniture Technology of Technological Educational Institute of Thessaly–endurance multi-tests have been carried out and bedconnector has performed very well compared to other  bed-connectors.

This fastener is available in to 3 different sizes, 15 cm, 12 cm and 7,5 cm, and can be easily used for different types and sizes of bed (single, double, for kids etc.) It radically differentiates from the other connectors, due to the following reasons:

  • it is made of hard, durable plastic and nylon, to ensure long-lasting strength
  • it can easily and quickly be dismantled with no use of tools
  • it maximizes product stability and durability
  • it has safety clips
  • it eliminates crackles and other compromises
  • it doesn’t loosen
  • it is produced with bold-tools in case of pre-drilling