In 1977 Evenplast was established by Mr. Evangelos Bilis. Based in Korydallos (Athens, Greece), the company is specialized in the production of furniture-connectors, and due to the owner’s experience and hard work, it has grown rapidly.

In 1992 Mr. Evangelos Bilis invested in new premises and machinery and the company moved to a new building of 1500 sqm in Aspropyrgos (Athens, Greece), while its central offices remained in the area of ​​Korydallos.

Since 1997, the owner’s son, Mr. Ioannis Bilis, has been leading the business with the same passion as his father did. In 2000 he acquired new equipment and automation systems to upgrade the company.

Mr. Ioannis Bilis’ primary goal was to put his business on another level by offering brand-new solutions to the furniture industry. Moreover, his innovative ideas and his extensive experience in the furniture-fittings industry have made his vision come true!

In 2007, new adjustable legs for kitchen furniture were designed and produced! This was a dynamic new attempt to create innovative products from scratch.

The year of 2010, saw the beginning of an R & D investing program, and combined with the owner’ s participation in several furniture-exhibitions abroad, led to a new patent. A year later, the company applied for ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system, certified by the Hellenic Register of Shipping.

In 2013, after many attempts and tests made in the company’s laboratories, the process of manufacturing a pioneer bedbug was fulfilled by applying for certification as an international patent. After taking the certification, the product was registered internationally as Meandros® (originally named). Its name was inspired by the ancient Greek grip!

The usage of this patented product has many advantages:

  • It connects the bed’s components without the need of any tools
  • It needs only some minutes to assemble
  • It provides stability and is quite strong
  • It eliminates beds’ crackles
  • It’s easy to use


The benefits of the patent’s usage in the bed- industry are many. So why not create a similar patent that can be used to connect all type of furniture and various components?

By investing again in Research and Development and by making the appropriate modifications, the new product was certified as an international patent in 2016. The quick-connector for horizontal and vertical surfaces has limitless applications.

Finally, Mr. Ioannis Bilis has released a category of international-standard products named 1clickconnector, where the main purpose of which is to connect with just “1 click“! The usage of these pioneering products can be quite important to the furniture-industry and to final consumers, as well!